#VoiceLunchUS 2 - Friday

Join us on 2020-06-05T17:00:00Z

Last week we touched the surface of interoperability and Voice standards. This week we will do a deep dive on what the major platforms offer developers and creators from a functionality perspective.


Intros (10 minutes)
-ONLY new people who haven’t joined prior sessions (if after they intro other members are curious about what they do, they can connect via private messages)
-Open space for members to share any cool things they’ve seen in the industry

Main question (20-30 minutes)
What features, integrations and other functionality that have created interesting results, use cases and insights?

It can be personal experience (member sharing own story) OR something they saw in the market they would like to know more about (i.e. Chipotle Reordering Alexa Skill – how they integrate payment systems?)

Idea Boiling Room (20 minutes)
What missing links could be solved in the short-term? What about long-term, what should be the North Star?