#VoiceLunch 32 - Creating a novel voice assistant for new parents on custom hardware with Sandra and Anik from Wunder

So we all got used to Google, Alexa, Siri, Bixby - you name it. But how to build an independent voice assistant. This time during #VoiceLunch we would like to dig deeper.

Our guides will be Sandra and Anik from Wunder, the company that created totally from scratch the All-in-one Parenting Assistant.

Sooooo, no matter if you have already raised your kids, planning to have or not to have them - just join us and let’s talk about that super interesting case.

Who are our hosts?

Anik Dey leads the engineering team at Wunder. Anik joined Wunder in early 2018 and is currently focused on bringing the Wunder hardware and voice assistant for new parents to market. Prior to Wunder, Anik worked on various projects ranging from music recommendation systems, speech recognition, NLP, dialog systems, and emotion recognition.

Sandra Sobanska leads software product development at Wunder and has been the company’s first employee since 2017. Having initially coordinated early research trials with Wunder’s language-monitoring technology she stepped into the product role when Wunder raised a $1M seed round in 2018 to help integrate the voice and mobile UX. Sandra is passionate about using intuitive technology and behavioral science to bring innovation into early childhood and parenting.