#VoiceLunch 29 - How to deal with PRIVACY in the #VoiceFirst world?

After talking about ethics a couple of weeks ago, this time we would like to arise another super important topic. PRIVACY.

Our host this week will be Allen Firstenberg - who is not only one of the strongest pillars of our #VoiceLunch community, one of the most active GDE but also developer, thinker, and outstanding problems solver. Have a look at the intro and join us to discuss all about privacy this week!

More reading & listening

What media says

Must read from @Maarten

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Can’t wait for that ONE!

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@jcstine shared a background document that I just distributed to the Open Voice teams that are now beginning to address the critical issue of privacy. Highly recommended to read as well. https://www.docdroid.net/VdFC34R/20200704-ovn-10-primer-privacy-pdf

Adding also Doc Searls’ blog here: http://blogs.harvard.edu/doc/the-adblock-war/

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