Voice Apps pricing

I’m looking for help from voice app / game authors who deal with paid features (using Alexa ISP and Google Action Transactions API). I’m trying to workout a price for unlocking extra features and granting unlimited access to the app (it’s locked after trial use). What do you think people are comfortable to spend on a voice app?

If you own a voice app with paid features please post in comments a link to your app and price you’ve set for premium features!

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We don’t do paid at the moment so I can’t share any real life experiences.

One thing that I would do is to have a look at latest reports about consumer spend behaviour on mobile apps. How much do they willing to spend there. The other aspect I would pay attention to is how valuable is the content/experience I am selling. As the rule of thumb I would assume that the value of the experience needs to always outweigh the price user has to pay.


We have introduced ISP a bit more than a year ago to our “Brain Workout” skill. We use the skill more as a test bed for our user acquisition analytics platform Voxalyze than as a real “money maker”. We priced the unlock of the “multiplication exercise” at $1.99. It’s a one-time purchase/entitlement.

Our offer to purchase conversion rate is really good (<50%), so pricing isn’t an issue. What matters is when to propose the purchase and how to propose it.

Brain Workout: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079Z232PZ/
Voxalyze: https://www.voxalyze.com/