Topic ideas for future sessions

Hello #VoiceLunch community!

We are creating this space to keep a list of proposed topics for future #VoiceLunch sessions. If you know an expert in specific field - please propose the name - we can try to set up a 20/40 session.

For now please submit your ideas as a reply to this thread.

Some topics that came up during the Dutch VoiceLunch:

  • The downside of voice, why do enterprises that started with voice quit or reduce the amount of effort put into it.
  • Voice Search, how to make your website voice proof and how can I be found (experts: Wouter Gils / Tim Jansen).
  • Bug edition, what doesn’t work.
  • Building personality, how to tackle personality and how to tackle small talk.
  • Voice cloning and synthetic voices.
  • State-of-Voice in neighboring countries (Germany, UK, Belgium).
  • Ethics in Voice.
  • Conversation Design.
  • Enterprise Voice.
  • Voice App marketing, is The Netherlands/other countries ready for it?
  • Animism
  • GUI vs. VUI (Google Nest Hub Design, canvas)
  • Multimodel
  • Inclusive design for voice.

Could we add:

  • User data best practices
  • How do publishers/developers verify best practices with each other?
  • Open Linking: Is there a way developers can link to other voice apps on any platform elegantly?