Looking for a freelance VUX copywriter


We are a small startup building a voice assistant for new parents called Wunder and we would like to make our assistant more human and conversational. We are not in a position to hire a voice branding agency but would be interested in exploring a small collaboration with a VUX freelance copywriter (ideally a parent!)

If there is anyone here or if there are better platforms to find such talent, I would appreciate contact at sandra@hellowunder.com :slight_smile:


Sandra! Thanks for posting the offer. @Maaike, maybe you or anyone from Your community would be interested in this role? Or maybe @maaikecoppens or @norbert.gocht?

Thanks for mentioning this Karol! I’m more of a cat lady myself, so I don’t think I’m the best one suited for this job :grin: But I know some great VUX writers that happen to be great parents as well, so I’ll give them a headsup.

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Having a look at hellowunder.com, this SO nice! <3


Thanks @Maaike! Super cool!

One parent/ voice UX designer coming up! She’s sending a mail as we speak :grin:


Hey Sandra,

Are you still looking for a VUX copywriter? Happy to see if I can help :slight_smile: